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  • CHEP

    is a leader in supply chain management, providing pallet, container and crate pooling services.
  • CHEP Thailand

    has been providing the best pooling services for customers in Thailand Since 2001 and with the trust, best quality and sustainable policy.
  • CHEP Thailand

    has 3 service centers in Wangnoi, Bangplee and Amata operate 24 hours a day every day of the excellent services to our customers.
  • CHEP Thailand

    promises to continuously improve and develop our services to grow along with the Thai and our ASEAN.
  • Today

    CHEP Thailand

    has more than One Million PALLETS plus another hundred thousand of AUTOMOTIVE PLASTIC CRATE and INTERMEDIATE BULK CONTAINER serving to our customers.
  • CHEP

  • CHEP

    is focused on continuously improving and developing more efficient, safer and environmentally sustainable supply chains.

Industry Solutions

Consumer Goods Industry

Increasing efficiency in the transportation and storage of consumer goods With the…

Manufacturing Solutions

New efficiencies in manufacturing logistics CHEP Manufacturing Solutions serve a whole…

Industry Solutions

CONSUMER GOODS INDUSTRY Increasing efficiency in the transportation and storage of…

Automotive Solutions

Driving new efficiencies in automotive logistics We understand operating the automotive…

Latest News & Resources

Associations and Memberships

CHEP works with many leading industry organisations and partners with the following…

Awards & Recognition

We are honoured that respected organisations have recognised our achievements. A…

History of CHEP

1941 - 1945: The Australian government develops the Allied Materials Handling Standing…

Fast Facts

CHEP at a glance CHEP began in Australia in 1945 - Our History CHEP is the leader in…

Services & Products

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets - Pooling with a strong, sustainable resource The timber for CHEP lumber…

Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets - durable, lightweight and hygienic Plastic pallets are ideal for highly…

Automotive Crates

CHEP provides automotive customers with access to a consistent, high quality pool of…


Supply chain optimisation and lower costs using pallet pooling Wooden Pallets Plastic…

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