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Driving new efficiencies in automotive logistics

We understand operating the automotive industry today requires an increasingly flexible operation given increasing consumer demands, governmental safety and environmental regulations.

Automakers respond to these challenges through innovation - by improving designs, manufacturing processes, logistics, and other business practices to achieve peak performance.

Every minute your employees spend sorting, inspecting, cleaning and maintaining containers is time away from your company's core competency. We can help you achieve greater clarity in your current container management processes by helping you evaluate your in-house operation, to see if this is the right option for future growth and profitability.

Since 1975, CHEP Automotive has operated in Australia, Europe, South Africa, Asia and more recently - North America. We've gained vast experience with the world's largest automotive companies - both domestic and international. This has given us in-depth knowledge with the cost and capital required to operate in-house container operations.

Our capabilities - specialists in the automotive supply chain

  • Enjoy lower costs of an outsourced container management service at higher service levels than achieved in-house
  • A complete automotive container management solution for domestic and inter-continental component movements
  • International containers designed to improve the economics of intercontinental flows
  • Integrated national service centre networks, supporting large and small distribution networks

Automotive container pooling - benefits for your business

  • Tailored asset management solutions
  • We are a global leader with over 300 million pallets and containers in our supply chains every day
  • We're a division of Brambles, a global logistics leader with a market cap of over $US10 billion, and operations in over 50 countries and customers including Ford and GM

Our people

We're proactive, engaged, and at your service 24x7, 365 days a year.

  • With experienced automotive know-how, logistics and asset management to rely on
  • Our staff are trained to provide first-class, time-critical response to problem solving
  • Dedicated operations and packaging design staff who will reverse engineer performance to ensure improved practices
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who can quickly identify ongoing cost-down opportunities

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