Foldable Plastic Crate - K1 - 5 Litres

Category: Industry
Manufacturer: Pallet show products

The new generation foldable plastic crates (FPC) have been specifically designed to integrate supply chain activities while reducing cost and environmental impact.

Combining the features of a variety of crates into one, CHEP’s FPCs offer a unique design providing distinct value in supply chain efficiencies.

They are modular by design and may be column stacked, cross stacked or a combination of both when erected.

The robust FPC provides maximum load carrying capacity for improved product protection.

The crates provide safe and efficient movement of products enabling end-to-end value through various supply chains in a range of industries.

CHEP has a network of service centres conveniently located within the Asia Pacific region. CHEP’s service centres wash and coordinate the management of crates, as well as providing support to our customers and their supply chain needs.

Foldable Plastic Crate - 5 Litres
  • Modular design footprint, ability to cross and column stack
  • Strong, robust design and high load capacity
  • Foldable design, low folding height
  • Ergonomic design, easy to fold, assemble and handle
  • Manufactured from recyclable material
  • Designed for sea container compatibility
  • Secure locking latch design
  • Load flexibility – allows mixed crate sizes on a pallet
  • Heavier load capacity allowed increased stacking heights, reducing warehouse space
  • Reduced reverse logistics transport costs
  • Enables OHS handling efficiencies
  • Reduced product damage by eliminating bulging, breaking and collapsing
  • Enhanced load stability
  • Reduced waste material
  • Increased internal volume capacity, improving pack density
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Suits roller conveyors
Dimensions - in millimetres
  Length Width Height
External  297 198 116
Internal 267 172 111
Folded 297 198 33
Nominal Capacity and Weight
Maximum capacity 5.1 ltrs
  0.01 m3
Maximum load weight 18  kgs
Tare weight 0.75  kgs
Configuration and Stacking
Units per pallet layer 20
Stacked layers 8
Temperature Range
Minimum / Maximum -20 °C / 40 °C
Allowable temperature in sea container transport is 60°C


Materials High temperature grade Polypropylene co-polymer
Handling Unit load consists of plastic pallet lid, crates and plastic pallet
CHEP Code 14400 - K1 Crate

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