Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Increase Supply Chain Efficiency with CHEP Managed Pooling Solutions

    The CHEP Equipment Pooling model offers companies of all sizes the ability to improve supply chain efficiency by ensuring customers can:

  •  Access value-added services
    CHEP serves over 500,000 customer touch points around the world with superior products and technology every day. Durable and innovative pallets and containers reduce product damage; provide an environmentally sustainable platform and save customers time and money. CHEP understands that an efficient supply chain is a competitive advantage.
     Always receive high quality and durable products
    All CHEP equipment is designed to withstand the abuses of today's global supply chain. In addition the CHEP Engineering and Innovation Centre teams are continually working on new products and offerings to provide continuous improvement to customers.
     Reduce product damage
    A shipping platform should not only deliver products to their destinations, but should also provide maximum protection. CHEP's durable palletsRPCs and containersenable a reduction in product damage resulting in less waste and a more economic supply chain.
     Gain operating efficiency
    Delays in the supply chain cost every business money. The time spent sorting and inspecting white wood or exchange pallets, cleaning up debris from substandard shipping platforms, or worrying about when your next load of pallets will arrive, is time away from your company's core competencies. CHEP removes the inconvenience of pallet and container management, allowing you to run a more streamlined and efficient supply chain.
    Reduce capital expenditure in the supply chain
    Customers save time and money with the CHEP pooling solution. They need fewer employees to manage their pallet and container programs. They expend less capital because they no longer need to purchase shipping platforms. They run safer workplace environments because CHEP pallets are more durable. They can focus on their business - not on pallets and containers.
     Use a worldwide network of offices and repair centres
    CHEP's global reach is unsurpassed, serving over 500,000 customer touch points in over 50 countries from a network of over 744 service centres. CHEP regularly shares learnings across regions to leverage best practice for all customers.
     Benefit from over 50 years experience
    CHEP has pooled pallets and containers for over 50 years. The business has grown from a single country in 1958 to over 50 countries today. CHEP employees are passionate, dedicated people who take pride in the positive impact they make both in the industry and business in general.
     Take advantage of continual innovation
    CHEP operates a state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, designed to test and validate products, packaging, and unit load configurations. The centre helps customers around the world solve supply chain issues and improve productivity.
     Leverage one system for a range of products & services
    CHEP is an industry leader - both in products provided and services delivered. Sophisticated technology infrastructure allows the movements of over 285 million pallets and containers to be tracked daily. Technology is also used to make it easier for customers to do business. CHEP provides customers with tools to view account activity, order pallets and containers, and access invoices. The technology is designed to allow CHEP and its customers to conduct business in a fast and straight-forward manner.
     Use environmentally sustainable products
    Pooling, the combining and sharing of assets in a common effort, is by definition an environmentally sustainable concept. CHEP has pooled pallets and containers since 1958. CHEP only uses lumber from tree farms, which are a responsible and sustainable source of timber. The pooling model encourages the repair and reuse of pallets and broken or damaged components are recycled rather than sent to landfill. CHEP makes every effort to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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