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Services for each stage of the supply chain

CHEP helps customers move, store and protect materials as they flow through each stage of their supply chain.


Many of our customers around the world are using our palletscontainers and crates to manage the flow of raw materials and other inputs they source from suppliers for their processing & production facilities. They benefit from the functionality of the handling platforms to and from the way in which the CHEP pooling system facilitates the flow of equipment - helping avoid the costs and hassle of one way packaging.


We have a lot of food and non-food manufacturing customers across a range of industries using timber palletsplastic palletsintermediate bulk containers andcontainer accessories in their production facilities helping to manage the efficient and hygienic movement and storage of both liquid and solid work-in-process materials during production processes.


Whether you are a vegetable grower, a meat packer, a breakfast cereal or paint manufacturer - companies of all types operating supply chains want their product to reach their customers in good condition, in the most cost effective way. Our range of pallets, containers and crates when combined with our pooling system, help our customers to achieve these goals everyday.

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